Visit to 5th Class from Patricia Smyth, Retired Postmistress, Scotstown

5th Class received a visit from Patricia Smyth, Retired Postmistress, Scotstown PO. Patricia, or Pat as she is affectionally known to many, was the last postmistress to work in her family establishment. The Smyth family ran the PO in Scotstown village from 1885 until Pat retired herself in 2002. The business was also a shoe shop and grocery along with selling stamps etc. Pat began working with her father, Henry, around 1956 while her mother, Mrs. Hannah Smyth taught in Urbleshanny. She regrets very much the decision of the then P&T in 1977 to change the postmark stamp with the name of the handling PO from the original An Bhoth to Baile an Scotaigh. Pat told many stories about the telephone exchange, telegrams and reverse charges, all terms which have vanished in this age of communication. On retiring in 2002, the post office services transferred to Michael Owen and JP McMahon's shop. 5th class pupils thoroughly enjoyed this visit from Pat and we're very grateful for her time and the wonderful memories she shared with the children.


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  • The saving initiative for children
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  • Descriptive words for identification aid
  • A pencil sharpener
  • Instructions for recognition of postal bombs
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  • A savings book with date stamps for post from Scotstown PO
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  • Jimmy Keenan, Tom McElroy and Malachy McCrudden, postmen
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  • Nathan and Chloe 5th class with Pat Smyth
  • The An Bhoth and Baile an Scotaigh postmarks
  • Principal Nuala Smyth with past pupil and former postmistress Pat Smyth

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