Jesse Tree Week 3 2020

Ms Mc Manus's class decorated the Jesse Tree in Urbleshanny Chapel on Friday for the 3rd Sunday of Advent. The symbols for Joseph, Moses, Jesse and David were added to the tree this week. Jacob had twelve sons but his favourite was Joseph and he spoiled him more than the others. His jealous brothers sold Joseph as a slave to Egyptian merchants. While in slavery, Joseph gaines a position of honour because he could interpret dreams. He became the Pharoah's advisor. He persuaded the Pharoah to let his family settle in Egypt when there was a famine in their homeland. Joseph wore a coat of many colours which his father gave him. 

The symbols for Moses are a baby in a basket in the River Nile and the Commandments. God chose Moses to lead the Isrealites out of slavery in Egypt. Moses lead his people out of Egypt into the desert. They were many years travelling and they became discontent. Moses climber Mount Sinai to talk to God and there he carved two tablets of stone showing God's commandments. 

Ms McManus's class also remembered Jesse after whom the tree they decorated was named. Jesse can be traced in direct line to Jesus. The tree represents Jesus's family tree. The Bible comapres Jesse to the roots of a tree from which shoots will grow, then branches and finally blossoms.

The last symbol the class hung on the tree represents David. David ruled Israel for 40 years. He wrote quite a lot of the psalms we know so well like The Lord is My Shepherd.


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