History Walk June 2019

Children can gain their first impressions of the concept of time through simple discussions of personal and family history. By exploring the changes which have occurred and elements which have remained unchanged in their own
lives, in the lives of their families and friends, and in their homes and
immediate environments, children begin to appreciate the existence of
times different from their own. Their historical understanding is enriched
as they visit and investigate the buildings and common features of the
locality and the lives of people who have lived there.

Mrs Donohoe's 3rd/4th class and Mrs Duffy's 4th Class visited Urbleshanny Chapel this week. The church was built by Fr James Murphy PP in 1785 followed by the building of Urbleshanny NS in 1791. The school is the oldest school in the Clogher Diocese and the first school to be built after the relaxation of the Penal Laws.

When Fr Murphy became Bishop of Clogher he used the church as a Pro-Cathedral from 1801-1824 while he lived in the family home in Drumshevera. A survey in 1833 recorded that Urbleshanny chapel was a plain stone building with two towers and staircases leading to the galleries. The church was not floored and was partially filled with pews. It was renovated in 1882 and again in 1947 when the galleries were removed.

Fr John Gilsenan had the church restored to its original plan in 1993 and the chalice belonging to Dr Murphy was returned to the church from St Macartan's College.

After a visit to the old graveyard we walked part of the Mass Pad before returning to the school.




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