Cycling to School-National Bike Week/Active School Week June 2017

Active School Week took place from the 12th to the 16th of June in Urbleshanny NS and all pupils were encouraged to be more active this week. This also coincided with National Bike Week so Mrs Meehan's 4th class had Martin Connolly, member of the local Emyvale Cycling Club in to advise the class on road safety for cyclists, proper wearing of cycling helmets and bicycle maintenance. The participating pupils all received a bag and a certificate. Many thanks to Martin for educating the pupils on how to be a safe cyclist. Numerous pupils choose to cycle to school this week and enjoyed the experience of meeting up and cycling in convoys. Check out some images of the cycling activities in Urbleshanny NS during Active School Week.


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  • Martin Connolly, Killylough Cycling Club
  • untitled (8 of 9).jpg
  • untitled (7 of 9).jpg
  • Emilija, Kathryn and Leah, 4th Class
  • Harry, 2nd
  • untitled (5 of 9).jpg
  • Aoife, 6th and Kelsie, 5th
  • Andrew, Sean, Owen and Eoin, 4th Class
  • Kathryn, 4th Class
  • Katie, Shannon, Emily and Kate, 4th Class
  • Leah, 3rd Class
  • untitled (2 of 9).jpg
  • Ava, 2nd Class
  • Taegan with her father, Andrew, who cycled from Ballinode to Scotstown
  • untitled (1 of 9).jpg
  • Emmet, Senior Infants
  • Edward, Seamus and Jimmy,5th Class
  • 4th Class receiving their certificates from Martin Connolly

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