County Monaghan Athletics Competition 2023

The annual County Monaghan Athletics Finals were held in The Peace Link in Clones on June 14th. In scorching heat, the school enjoyed a very successful evening! The pupils showed remarkable teamwork and comraderie on the evening. 

Results are as follows:

1st/2nd boys relay: 4th place

Boys 100m: 1st - Tadhg Mc Caffrey

3rd/4th boys relay: 1st place

Boys 600m: Cathair Corley - 2nd, Liam Concannon - 3rd

Boys 800m: Luke Mc Caffrey - 2nd, Adam Sherry - 3rd

5th/6th boys relay - 4th place

Girls 600m: Enya Corrigan - 1st place

Girls 100m: Aobha Mc Donald - 3rd, Isabella Mc Kenna - 4th

1st/2nd girls relay - 4th place


To top off a successful evening, the boys took home the shield for overall winners in the large schools category with the girls finishing second overall. A huge well done to everyone who participated on the evening!


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