Communion Celebrations in September 2020

On a Tuesday evening in March, in Urbleshanny chapel, 2nd class celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Two days later on the 12th of March, all schools, colleges and creches were closed due to an outbreak of the coronavirus on our island. 

Children, parents, extended families and parishes were especially affected by Covid 19 as it resulted in the sudden closure of schools and the postponement of the Sacraments of Communion and Confirmation. Thankfully our 6th Class of 2019 - 2020 were confirmed at the end of August before they commenced second level.

Next weekend finally sees the 2nd Class of 2019 - 2020 celebrate their First Holy Communion. The boys and girls, who are now in 3rd Class, have waited a longtime for this and it will be all the more special. The ceremony will be different this year due to Covid 19 restrictions and the current social distance guidelines apply. It is impossible to have the usual ceremony and gather large numbers of people together in the church because of the risks involved in the spread of Covid 19.  Only immediate family members can attend ie. parents and siblings of the First Communicant. 

Each family has been assigned a date and time for their child's celebration: 

Group A: Saturday 26th September @ 12 noon

Group B: Saturday 26th September @ 2pm

Group C: Sunday 27th September @ 3pm

Unfortunately the school choir will not be in attendance on the day to sing, adhering to the restrictions, however there will be music. Photographs will be taken at all three ceremonies for the school website. 

The school community send all our First Communicants our very best wishes on their special day next weekend. 

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