Athletics County Finals 2024

Thursday, May 6th 2024 marked an exciting and memorable evening for our school athletes at the Peace Link in Clones. Following much individual and team success in sprints, long distance races and the relay, both our boys' and girls' team fininshed the evening as overall winners in their respective categories.

Having finished as overall winners last year, our boys returned home with the coveted cup. In a first for Urbleshanny, the girls were overall winners in the large schools category. 

Many thanks must go to Mrs. Smyth and Teresa Mohan for all of their hard work in preparing the teams. Thank you to the pupils and parents who attended on the evening. Congratulations!


Girls 80m sprint 1st/2nd class - 2nd place - Isabella

Girls 100m sprint 3rd/4th class - 2nd place - Aoife

Boys 100m sprint 5th/6th class - 4th place - Peter

Girls 600m long distance 3rd/4th class - 1st place - Sadhbh

Boys 800m long distance 5th/6th class - 1st place - Luke

Boys 800m long distance 5th/6th class - 2nd place - Ben

Girls relay 1st/2nd class - 1st place - Isabella, Tilly, Emile, Caitlyn

Boys relay 1st/2nd class - 1st place - Odhran, Emmet, Caleb, Brody

Girls relay 3rd/4th - 1st place - Aoife, Sadhbh, Anna, Ava

Boys relay 3rd/4th - 3rd place - Cillian, Jamie, James, Evan

Boys relay 5th/6th - 1st place - Luke, Peter, Tadhg, Joe


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